The Management Model is the most revolutionary business model among the school entrepreneurs who wanted to grow with the business flow keeping the initial risk part protected. To start an education project, especially a preschool project one requires initial capital expenditure as well as operational funding for primitive years to reach the break-even point, thus the management model has been developed keeping in mind the risk factors of the business and an entrepreneur’s comfort level to enter into the education business.

In this model the smaller entrepreneurs (Associate Partners) not only get his/her exposure in the business activities such as Marketing, Financial control, Operational and strategic part of the business, but also start earning very quickly as the major operational cost is taken care by the Managing partner (Brand).

Since the Management Partner carries the knowledge and technical know-how of day to day operations of the business so automatically the risk factors of operational overheads go to Management partner’s part. Moreover the salaries of the School head is borne by the Managing partner, so here also the initial pressure of human resource cost has been released for the smaller entrepreneur (Associate Partner).

In terms of the Capital Expenditure of the Preschool project, Managing partner (Brand) took the major role to invest in setting up the School Unit. Whether we talk about the School academic Infrastructure (Teachings Aids, Learning Equipments, Furniture, Play Equipments, etc.) and Non-Academic Infrastructure (Reception office, Glow sign board, waiting area etc.) it is taken care by the Managing Partner (Brand).

What Management Partner brings on Table? (Learn India School Systems)

  Capital Expenditures

  Operational Expertise

  Robust curriculum

  Operational Overheads

  Salaries of head of the school

  Major overhead Expenses

  Initial Branding of the school

  Day to day awareness campaigning (on equal cost sharing basis)

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