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Why should I send my child to School?

A child is the most precious member in a family. It is very important to make this child confident and competent in order to face the challenges for future. A school is not a boundary wall campus, it is an environment where the child learns to make friends, learns the important social skills of caring, sharing etc. These skill are very important for a little toddler to acquire to build a strong foundation for future. The child will feel comfortable in the presence of other children of the same age group. Children who do not have these skills are more likely to experience rejection by their peers, which may bring negativity in due course of time.

Why should we enroll in Learn India School?

In Learn India School, we nurture every children individually to unleash their hidden potential. We are committed to develop the nation with educated and empowered future citizen. We are equipped with:
  • . Age appropriate teaching-aid for fun filled learning
  • .Excellent Infrastructure maximum safety & Hygiene
  • .Professionally trained Teacher
  • .Safe, Secure and Clean environment
  • .Activity based curriculum
  • .Parent Engagement Programme
  • .Digital Education for real life experience
  • .High quality education at affordable cost

When my child can needs to be enrolled?

It has been observed and various scientific research says that most of the development of human brain took place at the age of 2 to 6 years. Where in a child needs to groom & guide with proper nourishment and guidance. So we welcome every child in 4 stages in our school;

Age Group Suggested Class
2.5 years to 3.5 years Play Group
3.5 years to 4.5 years Nursery
4.5 years to 5.5 years Lower KG
5.5 years and above Upper KG

What is the procedure to take admission in Learn India School?

To ensure the admission in Learn India School a parent needs to visit nearest Learn India School along with their child and meet the school counselor. The necessary guidelines would be provide by the counselor to the parents along with an experiential tour to the class rooms and the various other facilities available in school campus. Since we have limited members of stats in each classes, so the admission will be confirm on first come first service basis.

Do you provide breakfast/ snacks at the school?

We are very much concern about the child’s health. We are not aware of the food habit and the allergy, the appetite, which the child might be having in his/her medical history. Keeping in in mind we advise to bring the tiffin from home only. However we will provide necessary guidelines / food-chart to maintain same nature of food for all children.

How Learn India School differ from the other school?

Individual attention, age appropriate teaching aid, proper educational books, fun-sheet to show case individual creativity, Modern educational supplement, modern teaching apparatus are the integral part of our Education Systems. Suitable outdoor equipment for gross motor development are added advantages in the school. Finally Digital classroom makes the overall learning a true experience at young toddlers. Finally all these facility available at an affordable price crafted only for rural parents keeping in mind about their affordability and livelihood.

Can I see the school facility?

Yes, we are happy to schedule a School tour for you. We welcome every parent to bring your child in our school to have a look to have a fair understanding of the facilities available in the school. Learn India School is not only a school, it is an environment to give an opportunity to every child to grow amicably.

How I ensure the safety of my child in your school?

Child safety is the most important part in Learn India School. All our teacher and stuff are being trained professionally to take necessary care to maintain utmost safety and guidance. All necessary measure has been taken to offer a safe and secured environment to each & every child who enrolled in our school.

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