Our Mission & Aspiration

Learn India School’s mission is to make high quality education accessible and affordable to all Indians by being present in each of India’s 6000 blocks. We strive to promote holistic growth by taking into account, the kids’ physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs. We encourage a love of learning with proper understanding through working and play.

Our Vision

Learn India School’s vision is to educate and empower every Indian and contribute to India’s resurgence.

Our Aspiration

The Learn India School aspires to provide the highest quality pre-primary education with affordable fee structure to the entire population spread across 700 districts and 6,000 blocks. The focus will be the areas which are yet to be served or are underserved and may not be on the road map of many existing education service providers in this country.

The Learn India School is undertaking a Block level initiative to provide affordable but high quality learning platform to Bigger India……Rural India……Real India. While schemes like MGNREGA are aimed at curbing migration to urban areas in search of employment, we are just supporting the cause through Learn India by curbing education related migration. We take Swaksh Bharat towards Sakshar aur Saksham Bharat through Learn India. This will be our contribution towards this goal.

In current scenario good schools are either not available or if available they are mostly located in Metro cities,tire I,tire II,tire III or tire IV cities. Most of these decent quality schools are not affordable for the common people of the Nation. The situation is again not very encouraging at the Block level. Accessibility and availability are two of the major issues concerning India and Indians.

After a prolong research and ground level market understanding we realized that the best approach to Educate and Empower Indians is by creating the right kind of education infrastructure at block level and creating solutions to provide affordable education for the little toddlers who would be the future citizens of India.

We see no reason why they should be deprived of Pre schooling just because people don’t want to come out of their comfort zone and cater to the needs of Real India. Hence the Learn India initiative.

Who we are

Why Learn India Initiatives

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